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Paxos Villas | Holiday accommodation in Paxos | Glyfada Beach Vi

Glyfada Beach Villas Resort & Restaurant – All our 16 villas created and located at a unique and peaceful location at the east side of Paxos close to Loggos at the Ionion sea. It offers you to choose from different types of villas Stone House, Glyfada House, Ionion Villas, Glyfada Beach, and Glyfada Beach family villas, all well maintained and all facing the Ionian Sea. Our facilities such as 2 swimming pools, 2 restaurants, tennis and 2 beaches combined with the friendly and hospitable atmosphere are the elements that make the villas in Paxos a difference.

Paxos Villas | Holiday accommodation in Paxos | Glyfada Beach Vi

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Experience Best Facilities & Service While Staying at Glyfada Beach Villas

Are you having some plans for your visit to Greece this year? If yes, then make sure that you stay at one of the best villas in town so as to make the most of your trip is in the comfort zone as that of your own house. With the best scenic views and surrounded with olive groves, the villas in Paxos at Glyfada Beach villas resort are known for the amenities offered on a 7-hectare landscape, including 2 swimming pools, museum, 2 restaurants and many more. It is undoubtedly very astonishing staying at the properties that are located near the beach, in a tranquil space or offers peace to a great extent. Around the Ionian sea, these villas and the surroundings are staggeringly delightful with beautiful settings all around.


Beautiful surrounding of our villas in Paxos


The beautiful villas are located at an extremely small island that is indeed beautiful and offers the best experience of Greece including its undiscovered culture and beauty. With the best amenities in Paxos Island, the villas are well-known within this small space. The key amenities that are offered at these homely villas are inclusive of:




Restaurant for Dinner at Glyfada Beach Villas


Glyfada Beach Villas has 2 tavernas one near the beach with a shoreline bar and an extensive patio with an excellent sea view. They serve breakfast from early morning 08.15 – 10.15 and Greek lunch from 13.00 – 17.00. Our taverna for supper is situated on the most delightful spot within the resort with an exceptional view of Greece terrain and Corfu. All our food is crisply arranged in the customary path with the best Greek fixings.




Museum at Glyfada Beach Villas


The little Museum in Glyfada is exceptionally intriguing as it introduces an assortment of antiques collected from the family who owns Glyfada beach villas. For instance, there are oil lights and old apparatuses utilized for gathering olives (a forte on Paxos). The museum can be found on the left, as you stroll up the slope with the villas to your right side. We suggest visiting since it gives a decent understanding of how individuals lived in the good old days on Paxos.


Swimming Pool


Swimming Pool close to the Beach


There are 2 swimming pools in Glyfada Beach. One pool is situated on the slope close to the tennis court. The second swimming pool and Jacuzzi is situated close to the shoreline and our Greek taverna. From both our pools there are fabulous perspectives of the Ionian Sea towards the Greek terrain and Corfu.

The two pools have a decent blend of seawater, which is continually invigorated with a best in class separating framework. There is additionally a pool bar at the pool close to the shoreline with soda pops, spirits, frozen yogurts, and espresso. Amid high season there are frequently sorted out water polo games for youngsters. On occasion, amid the day the two pools are for the most part peaceful, ideal for some unwinding and sunbathing on the agreeable hammocks.

There is entirely no making a plunge the two pools for your very own well being. The profound end is 180 cm (only under 6ft) and the shallow end is 90cm, perfect for kids.


Tennis Court


Tennis Court At Glyfada Beach Villas


The tennis court is arranged close to the fundamental passageway of Glyfada close to the gathering and pool. It is a hard court which is encompassed by customary stone dividers and cypress trees which offer a lot of shade in the late evening. On the off chance that you are an extremely sharp player, you are encouraged to bring your very own rackets and balls since a number is constrained. All sessions should be pre-booked at the gathering or with the supervisor in Glyfada. It would be ideal if you approach at gathering at costs.




Monodendri Beach near Glyfada Beach Villas


Glyfada Beach Villas approaches 2 wonderful shorelines. From one viewpoint Monodendri Beach just beneath the Paxos villas and Glyfada Beach, which can become to by the way inverse the swimming pool. A large portion of the shorelines on Paxos are rock shorelines. For your very own solace and well being we encourage you to wear jam shoes or something comparative.

Paxos- Discover its History, culture & tranquillity

It’s astonishing to envision yourself at a quiet shoreline in the surroundings of lovely nature with a glass of wine in hand. What a brilliant idea it would be in genuine? Indeed, you can make it conceivable on the off chance that you have ever known about the undiscovered Greek luxury villa rentals around the Ionian Sea. Secured with olive forests and purplish blue sea, the island is staggeringly delightful with beautiful settings.


Villas In paxos


It is an extremely small island spread in the edge of seven by two miles. Along these lines, you can navigate seen and concealed excellence of this island by strolling, trekking and sculling. Little in size, by the by you have 30 wonderful shorelines to walk around. Notwithstanding, you have just three harbor towns where you can go for a promenade and appreciate the nourishment and drink likewise there.

Fundamentally, the island is the best goal for a sentimental occasion. You can invest quality time here with your loved one or family and can likewise feel loose in the freshness and virtue of this island. You can gently live in the charming feeling of this unspoiled island, looking at God’s lovely and stunning creation.

Nonetheless, you can likewise find the history and culture of Greece here. You can even still discover a centuries-old settlement kept up here with no counterfeit charms and lights. No disco, no bars, no waterparks, no huge shopping centers – all that you find on Paxos is conventional Tavernas, bars, and a couple of tavernas in the arms of nature.

Stonehouse in Paxos


You will barely discover lodgings to remain at, yet don’t be stunned. You can find Stonehouse holiday rentals with all conceivable extravagance amenities at sensible rates.

Gaios, Lakka, and Loggos are the three fundamental towns of Paxos, and the vast majority of the vacation destinations fall close to these towns for finding the history and culture. What’s more, remember to taste the Greek food and wine at one of the waterfront tavernas. On the off chance that you need to catch the most-delightful minutes and stunning perspectives in your memory and on your camera as well, at that point, you should investigate the Cape of Eremites.

Visit churches

About in excess of sixty churches are arranged on this minor island. Some are still visited by occupants to revere while some are surrendered. The religious community of Panayia is the most well known for adoring, that is situated on a small Island close to the town of Gaios. The Churches of Agioi Apostoli and Hypapante are additionally regularly visited by sightseers.


On the off chance that you need to return ever, you should visit the small Paxos Folk Museum. You can take a look at verifiable excellence here and become more acquainted with additional about this Island through curious, representations, instruments, and utensils.


You have plenty of landmarks on Paxos to encounter. From a Green Man statue to the beacon of Lakka – you can encounter the way of life through them. In the event that you are in Paxos, you should visit the Cisterns of Paxos, the Lighthouse of Lakka and Panagia, and the chateau of Anemogiiannis.

Celebrations and Events

A few celebrations and occasions are sorted out consistently and catch sightseers’ eye with flightiness. You can encounter the convention of Paxos intently by going to these celebrations and occasions. The Spring Music celebration in June, the International Music celebration in August, and a great deal of others which will tempt you are commended each year in Paxos.

All things considered, on the off chance that you have chosen to design your excursion for this wonderful island, do the necessary investigation. You can reach your villa in Paxos over the ocean course by taking a boat ride to the fundamental port of Corfu and other parts of Greece.

Some Facts To Know of Paxos Island

It might take a long time for you to locate the island of Paxos in the world map not only because of its small geographical area but also because of its location at the last corner of Greece in the arms of the Ionian sea. But, once you succeed in locating it and reaching there during your vacation, then undoubtedly you will prefer to visit the island every time you plan your vacations.

History of Paxos:

The history of this beautiful island dates back to the prehistoric period when it was under the control of Roman during the 2nd century and BC and remained in their control till the Byzantine and the Middle Ages. During the Byzantine period the island was regularly robbed by the sea pirates and by the end of the 14th century it came under the control of the Venetians. It was during the rule of Venetians the island witnessed substantial growth in the terms of economic and cultural developments. The symbols of those developments can be still witnessed in the architecture of buildings located on the island. After the rule of Venetians, the island came under the control of Napoleon during the last years of the 17th century, after which it again came back in the control of Russians.

Interestingly, it was not an end of different rulers trying to dominate their rule over the island and their struggle of dominance between them continued till 1944 when the island got free from the rules of Italians and Germans. Going through the dominance of so many rulers since its origin the history of Paxos island is not only colorful but the influence of different rulers and communities can be seen in the culture of the island.

Beaches at the Paxos Island:

Despite the fact that Paxos is the smallest island of the Ionian sea, it has about 30 beaches surrounding it. Some of these beaches are located at the walking distance while some can be accessed through the boat. An amazing fact about these beaches is that none of them has sand. The beaches located on the eastern coasts have pebbles whereas the beaches at western coast have only sea rocks and cliffs. But, amazingly all these beaches are blessed with crystal clear water, which makes them a perfect destination for boating and water sports like scuba diving. The popular beaches among these thirty villas are Mongonissi, Kaki Langada, Levrecchio, Kipos, Gianna, Soulanena, Balos, and Monodendri and Glyfada.

Reaching to the Paxos :

As there is no airport at the island the only transport available for reaching the Paxos is through boat which could be hired from Corfu, the city with an airport facility. There is, however, one more option to reach the Paxos which is through the bus, that could be hired from Athens and that will drop you at Igoumenitsa, after which the tourists can hire the boat for reaching the Paxos island. Anyhow if you do not want to travel on the bus from Athens to Igoumenitsa then instead of that you can hire a car to reach Igoumenitsa.

Staying facilities at the Greek Holiday Island:

Although the island does not have its airport for the passengers, still it is visited by the huge number of visitors throughout the world during the year. Therefore going through the arrival of tourists the local builders have constructed the plethora of villas at the island, that are christened as Paxos Villas. Located in the green valley of the island covered with the abundance of olive groves these villas are well developed, well maintained and well furnished to offer comfort, relaxing and luxurious staying facility to the tourists. Depending upon the number of tourists coming in groups the common categories of villas at Paxos are Glyfada Beach Family Villa, Glyfada Beach Villa, IonionVillas, Ionion Studio, Glyfada House and the Stone House.

Glyfada Beach Villas

All these villas are B standard and offer an iconic view of an island from their balcony and terrace. The common facilities available in these villas depending upon their size include kitchen with cooking facilities, large bedroom with king size beds and supportive bedroom furniture, bathroom with shower, large garden, terrace and balcony to sit and relax.

Paxos Island: The peace lovers should visit

When a person plans to go for a vacation he generally prefers to visit the place where he is not only able to spend some quality time with his family or friends, but also enjoy mental and physical relaxation from his hectic working schedule. Located in the arms of the Ionian Sea, Paxos Island is one of such places on this planet where you can enjoy your vacation to its full fledge without any restriction. You will agree that before going out of the town with the family a person is mainly concerned about two things. One is about staying facility and secondly the place, where he can find substantial peace to get mentally relaxed from his hectic working schedule.

A Glimpse of Paxi Island:

Interestingly, tranquillity, an abundance of the greenery, pollution free atmosphere, rocks, caves, and cliffs are few words to brief the description of the prehistoric island of Paxos. The history of dates back to prehistoric times and since then it has been under the dominance of different rulers whose influence could be witnessed in the lifestyle of the natives. There is also an interesting story associated with the origin of the island, according to it the Greek God Poseidon, once blown his strong trident to the southern coast of the Corfu, which floated and developed the Paxos Island. The Greek God developed this island to enjoy the solitary peace and resting haven with his lady Amphitrite and retain this secret from his wife.

Intimate Trip of The Paxos

The population of the island is about 2500 whose main source of income is fishing and other commercial activities that are provided to the tourists landing on the island. An interesting fact about the island which surprises to everyone planning to visit during their vacations is the absence of an airport. The only transportation available for reaching the island is a boat which could be hired from Corfu, which is the nearest town to the island. But, surprisingly the absence of an airport could not succeed in stopping visitors from stepping on the land of Paxos. The absence of an airport can also be considered responsible for keeping the atmosphere clean from pollution.

From the above description if you think that the island must be lacking from the availability of indispensable amenities then you are at an edge of making a big mistake. Because the non-availability of an airport could not stop the island from getting it enriched with developments taking across the world. The island has everything to offer everyone coming with the desire of spending a vacation in its shadow.

Well, once you have decided to visit Paxos, the second thing about which you will be concerned is about accommodation and this is a natural feeling. Because, the island which is the smallest island among the plethora of islands located on the land of Greece, expecting a well furnished and development is not less than playing a gamble. But, interestingly your concern about the accommodation facilities available at Paxos Island will come to an end as soon as you will come to know about the holiday villas located on the island.

The Trend of Luxury Villas in Paxos:

You will agree that today the trend of staying in the villas is getting popular among the tourists visiting tourist destinations across the world and interesting the island of Paxos is not an exception to it. Here, also you will find the villas that are not only beautifully constructed, but also well furnished and well maintained. Located in the green valley, these villas offer you the facility of staying comfortably at your convenience at an affordable charge. Depending upon the number of persons accompanying your group all these villas are of B standard and categorized into the six types namely stone house, Glyfada house, Glyfada beach villa, Glyfada beach family villa, Ionian villas, and Ionian studio. An interesting feature about Paxos villas is that all of them are faced towards the island, thus offer you the privilege of enjoying its iconic view from the terrace and balcony and witness the changing atmospheric conditions at the island.

All these villas have big rooms with supportive furniture to offer a comfortable stay from two to four persons. The common facilities found inside these villas include a sitting room, open plan kitchen with cooking facilities including oven, fridge, sink, double bedroom, two bedrooms, two bathrooms with shower facility, air conditioning, garden, terrace, and balcony (to view the sea).

During your stay on the island you have an opportunity of playing different types of water sports, visiting the nearby villages (most of them are located at the walking distance), move across the island and enjoy the pleasure of walking on its beaches, enjoy the eye-catching view of natural scenery created by the fireflies during the night, roam inside the ancient caves, and various other activities that will make your vacation a lifetime experience.

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